Mommy-to-be Pampering

Mommy To Be Pampering | Berks County Living May 2016

Originally published in the May 2016 issue of Berks County Living

Every expecting mother deserves a little (or a lot of) pampering. Aside from the obvious stresses on the body, pregnancy can take a toll on the skin and can leave the mother-to-be feeling anxious. The expert medical staff at the Spa at Spring Ridge has just what you need to feel like the goddess you are.

Maternity Massage

The Spa at Spring Ridge is a full-service medical day spa with a doctor on site to oversee all treatments. All treatments and therapies are administered by registered nurses and medial aesthetics and spa therapists who utilize the most cutting edge technology in Berks.

The Mother-to-Be massage is specifically designed to ease discomfort for expecting mothers, and can help to relieve the tension and stress pregnancy puts on the body. This specialized therapy alleviates the aches and pains of carrying extra baby weight, improves circulation, and increases flexibility. It also encourages the blood lymph flow system to help reduce swelling in the hands and feet.

But the pampering doesn’t have to end there. Neutralize the formation of stretch marks with stretch mark treatments during pregnancy. Massage therapists perform specific techniques geared toward prevention, which can also help rebuild elasticity and plumpness for glowing skin.

Post Pregnancy Pampering

Ready to get your pre-baby body back? Spring Ridge offers body contouring and skin rejuvenation treatments to get you back to looking your best in no time. These treatments require little downtown for recovery, so even new moms can fit them into their busy schedules.

SculpSure, the latest technology in body contouring and laser fat reduction, is a quick and easy way to remove up to 25 percent of fat in stubborn areas. Two 25-minute treatments could banish that stubborn baby weight.

Pregnancy can also wreak havoc on the skin, causing excessive dryness, hormonal acne, and pigmentation issues, or the “pregnancy mask.” A full line of spa quality products can help manage lingering skin issues, but for all over skin revitalization look to laser skin treatments. The Super PhotoFacial incorporates three laser applications for collagen remodeling, plumping and firming, and clearer skin.

Dos and Don’ts

When considering spa treatments during pregnancy, follow these dos and don’ts to make sure that what is good for mom is also good for baby.

First, massage treatments should only be sought after the first trimester. Women who are unsure should consult with their physician before scheduling. Hydration is also incredibly important, particularly for pregnant women, so be sure to drink water throughout the day before your therapy.  Finally, avoid using products containing glycolic or salicylic acid and retinol on the skin. The Spa at Spring Ridge offers a wide range of skincare products that are free of these active ingredients and are gentle enough for mothers suffering from sensitive or dry skin.

They also provide complimentary consultations before any treatment to assess your individual needs. Rest assured they can customize the perfect treatment for you.

The Spa at Spring Ridge offers a full menu of cutting edge medical treatments and spa services for everyone. They take a gentle approach to enhancing the looks of all men and women so that everyone can look and feel their very best.

Did You Know?

Is there a doctor in the house? The Spa at Spring Ridge is the only medical day spa in the area owned by a cosmetic surgeon.

Message Rx Massage decrease production of an inflammation and pain causing compound, and has been recommended by physicians and the American Pain Society for lower back pain.


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