Inspiration is a Funny Thing

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Recently I was asked to be a part of a really great project with Berks County Living. It’s called the Get Inspired! Project and it seeks to share sources of inspiration for local residents and business owners.

For me, being asked to be a part of this project was a huge honor. I’m inspired all the time by the people I write about,  and the people I write with and for at Berks County Living, but I’ve never been asked to share my opinion on something so huge before, and I was really excited about it.

Getting ready for the interview I started to really think about inspiration, and what it means to me. Inspiration is a funny thing, because it always strikes when you least expect it and you never know what form it’s going to take or how it’s going to change you.

Sometimes I find inspiration in little things, in single moments. I’ve had more inspiring moments than I can to count in nature – whether it’s seeing the light play off the leaves while I’m running through the park, or a peaceful moment when the water is smooth as glass out on the lake. These moments may be short, but they can really set the tone of my day. Then there are the really big things – those kind of “aha!” moments when something monumental changes in me and I’m inspired to take on a new project, or set a new goal, or even make a major life change (which I’ve done more than once and highly recommend it.)

I’ve found that inspiration comes to me in flashes, usually at very inconvenient moments – like in the shower, or when I’m trying to fall asleep at night. But every now and then I will just get this exhilarating flash of energy and I feel like I can accomplish anything in that moment. It’s a really wonderful feeling. I have a tendency to seek inspiration as well. Working in marketing full time and as a writer on the side, my entire day tests my creative limits, so I need all the help I can get.

Where do these surges of inspiration come from? I honestly have no idea. Sometimes out of nowhere. But I’ve found, especially since I started writing for Berks County Living and getting to know more business owners in my area, that I really am inspired by other people’s success. I don’t mean to say that I can’t find my own inspiration, or that I’m only motivated to succeed so that I can do better than someone else. It’s more that their success motivates me to make the changes or put in the work so that one day I can be where they are.

Being a part of this project was such a great experience for me, and it took me out of my comfort zone a little bit (which is always a good thing.) I’m not used to being on that side of the interview questions, so it was new for me and helped me to understand what the process is like for my interview subjects. Working with Toni Reece, the creator of the project, was a real joy and I hope that sharing my sources of inspiration can help others in our county find it too!

Listen to my interview, and many others, here. I would love to hear what inspires you! Leave a comment and let me know.

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