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Meet the Editor - Ali BechtelWelome to EditorAli.com! I created this blog more than three years ago (three!). When I made the decision to start blogging I was searching for a career, a way to publish some of my ramblings, and a medium to advertise my fledgling freelance writing business.

Over the past three years I have changed careers (once), changed jobs (more than once), and changed my mind about what I would use this platform to say (way more than once.) It wasn’t until I found my calling in digital marketing and online content creation that I finally figured out what I wanted to say.

Seth Godin said, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” That is what I get to do every day – build relations, share stories and make magic online. It is something I truly love to do, and so I am sharing my knowledge about it as I learn with anyone who wants to read it. (Not sure what content marketing is? You’re not alone. I broke it down for you.)

Part of what I love so much about marketing is the ability to be creative. Maybe that is also what I love about writing. There was a short period in my life where I did little to no writing, and that was not a good time. Nothing should keep you from doing what you love. This blog helped me get to a place where I can do what I love for a paycheck. (I know, how lucky am I, right?) I now have a successful freelance writing business, and the opportunity to work with dozens of local businesses in my contributions for various publications.

It’s a really great feeling to take a look at my portfolio all in one place, and to watch it grow each week, but it is the greatest feeling in the world for a writer to see their name in print. I am fortunate to have has much work as I do, but I am always looking for new projects and challenges. Each new assignment I get provides me with the opportunity to learn about something new and to do what I love. I am willing to learn enough about anything to be able to write about it.

Every new person I meet and have the opportunity to interview is such an inspiration to me. In fact, some time ago now I was asked to participate in Berks County Living’s Get Inspired! Project, where I had the chance to share just how inspirational my work is to me. Check out the interview here! I can only hope my passion for what I do shines through and inspires you too!

So shoot me an idea. You get the copy you need, I get to do what I love. It’s a win-win. Can’t wait to talk to you about your next project!

Happily yours,

Editor Ali

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius 

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